Activity «Marketing strategy for special wines»


We will visit the winery “Celler del Roure” (Moixent, Valencia, Spain; on Thursday 29 June. You have the abstract and the Power Point presentation of a lecture we gave in Nitra dealing with this type of wine. There you can find specific details on his specific wine. Besides, we are also providing you with 5 interesting reference on the topic.


  • Read and check all available on this type of wine and endangered grape varieties.
  • Visit to the winery.
  • Saturday, the different groups will have to present their work according to the following instructions:

Two of the four working groups (1 and 3) will have to develop marketing strategies to promote terracotta wines in the European Union.

The other 2 groups (2 and 4) will have to develop marketing strategies to promote wines produced with local and endangered grape varieties in the European Union.

Of course, all students will have to connect their knowledge on “augmented reality”, “neuromarketing”, “sensory marketing”, and “food trends” with their promotion campaigns of these two types of wine (terracotta and endangered grape varieties).


Power Point Presentation by Prof. Ángel Carbonell on «terracotta wines» presented at a conference in Nitra 2016. PP Presentation UMH Terracotta Wines

Abstract of the previous PP presentation. Terracotta wine Abstract

Description of one terracotta wine from Celler del Roureparotet y las tinajas de barro

Working groups. Please, check in which group are you. Students groups

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